5 Best Wireless Routers 2020 Reviews & Top Rated

Going to find the best wireless routers available on the market? Surely we can never imagine a day or a place without an internet connection where our iPhones, iPads, Pcs, and laptops will be having no connection to the world wide web. So before this nightmare becomes a fact, every one of us needs to look for the best wireless routers to install where we need stronger, better and consistently reliable internet signals without a wired connection to the modem.

No doubt, wireless routers make it easier to connect to a central internet connection without having a mess of connecting networking wires. These make it easier to access the internet from anywhere within the range of the router so that it is easier and reliable use the connection from various places.

Top 5 best wireless routers

It is better to look into the top wireless routers that are trustworthy and reliable in most cases so that you may compare and get the best easily. That is why we have sorted and selected 5 of the best available options so that you may compare them and choose the best for your internet connectivity needs:

​#1-TP-Link Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit AD7200 Router

All you need is high speed, reliable and consistent performance and TP-Link Tri-band Gigabit router give what most users need. This one supports three Wi-Fi bands which allow more convenience and better connectivity for all.

It gives a smooth networking solution within its range so that no one gets lesser coverage. It uses 802.11 ad that provides the most powerful coverage so far using the most innovative technology that is available today.

It supports smooth and quick streaming offering downloads and uploads within minutes, sharing all kinds of files is easy and takes time to get uploaded at a faster speed on the 60GHz band. The Multiband technology with 4 stream AD7200 makes sure to give 7200Mbps.

The 4 band Wi-Fi works at the speed of 2.4GHz giving 800Mbps, whereas the 5GHz offers 1733Mbps and 60Hz give 4600Mbps.

The wireless router performs reliably connecting a range of devices that are used. The router is easy to install and can be managed easily. It offers one WAN and 4 Ethernet ports, two USB ports for safer connectivity and faster data transfer. It is a big one and needs some placement measures as well.

​#2- Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router replacement

When it comes to keeping the Wi-Fi system enabled in all zones in a house or a building, you either have to look for a stronger connection through big sized routers or you may place medium-sized or small sized routers placed in one or two spots that may cover most of the parts in a place. But still, there could be dead zones that may not offer the power you need.

To avoid such a situation, the Google Wi-Fi system has been designed to make sure you don’t have dead spots and Wi-Fi signals are spread with maximum strength and coverage.

You may use multiple of points as one point make sure to cover 1500 square feet. So when you are using 3 of them they will assure to cover 4500 square feet area with strong signals. More points can be added in case if you want to increase the area covered.

The selection of the fastest band and the best route for sending the signals to ensure the strong and consistent coverage.

The system can be handled by an app that makes sure you manage the settings with the help of it assuring the connectivity, devices that are connected and controlling the coverage areas by turning on or pause the WiFi where needed.

Due to the dynamic features, this is considered to be one of the best system available for home and office use.

​#3- ASUS Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router

ASUS offers greater coverage and faster performance with reliable connectivity on the go. This Wi-Fi gaming router is perfect for the users who cannot compromise on the speed and connectivity with wide area coverage to stay connected all the time.

The unique 1.24 QAM tech assure to provide a faster connection with the 4T 4R antenna. In which the 4 transmit and 4 receive antenna assure reliable connection coverage\ for up to 5000 square feet.

The 8X gigabit ports for LAN that are available for the 8 Ethernet devices that can be connected at the same time.

The router also comes with the faster and more reliable USB data transfer and with the 1.4 GHz dual-core processing function, it delivers reliable connectivity for all. It also assures the automatic connection to the best band that is available for the user.

The vulnerability detection through AiProtection that is backed by MicroTM make sure that you are connected to the internet using the safest option.

 The overall setup and functions and reliable use of the router make it easier to use for anyone who needs a quick and easy setup of the WiFi router.

​​#4- Netgear (R7000-100PAS) AC1900 Nighthawk WiFi Dual Band Router

NETGEAR happens to be one of the most popular among the fastest and the most reliable Wi-Fi routers available on the market so far. It comes with the 1 GHz dual-core processor along with the AC1900 WiFi that supports the 600 plus the 1300 Mbps fast connection speed and performance with the Wi-Fi technology 802.11ac and the dual-band gigabit connects the users reliably and in a faster pace, they need.

 In addition to that latest WiFi technology, the router also features the QoS system assure that it will help in prioritizing the required bandwidth that is best suited with the device for better gaming and streaming experience. The denial of service attack prevention keeps the internet safe and consistent.

It is also compatible with Alexa and Google assistant so you can pair it with these devices and extend the possibilities to control the internet connectivity at home. The overall system requirements are Internet Explorer 5.0 Safari 1.4, Firefox 2.0 and chrome11 browsers. Or the advanced versions can also be used.

It comes with high power with the help of the amplification and the antennas that extend the WiFi coverage through the beam forming mechanism that increases the coverage area and the overall strength of the WiFi.

The router is very easy to set up and you can control the content with circle smart parental control for managing the internet accessibility within the home.

​#5- D-Link Ultra Tri-Band Wi-Fi AC3200 Router

Superfast and reliable D-Link WiFi router is supported by AC3200 band speeds that assure better and greater connectivity options using the three bands to support the various devices. It delivered a high-speed internet connection throughout the area with better coverage and faster performance.

The 1GHz dual-core processing system makes sure you get high-speed performance for the wired connections as well as for the wireless connectivity.

Whether you have to stream high definition 4K gaming and videos or you need a fast data transfer speed for videos streaming, the 6 strong antenna function to deliver reliable connection and the 3 data streams assure you would get the fastest and at the most strong coverage when you need.

The router offers an advanced allocation of the best band for the devices to make sure most reliable internet connection for the range of devices. By using the smartly connect setup, the router makes it easier to get the strong and reliable connectivity within the coverage area.

The device tracking is made easier with the smart beam that gives you the device tracking option for better and faster connectivity within your home. QoS smart traffic optimizer provides reliability and performance for all of your different devices without any interruption.

 The router needs no complicated installation procedures and anyone can install and use as well as manage the network through mobile or PC.

WPA AND WPA2 encryption provides enhanced security functions so that you get fast, safe and reliable internet connection through your router within the home.

Final Words

The routers that are available on the market today promise to provide high speed, non-stop data transfer to meet the needs of today’s devices and the way people need to connect to the internet. Due to the availability of the range of devices, high-speed data transfer needs and the security concerns that are always there, the routers are now made to provide strong and high-speed WiFi coverage for a range of different devices. In addition to that, the smart handling through apps and connectivity to the devices for management have also become some of the popular features that you must be seeing in various routers that you may compare.

Easier installation and control, as well as the smart band selection, make it easier to use the various routers that offer consistent, strong and reliable coverage in the required area. It is better that you should select as per your coverage needs, kind of speed, control and strength of the signals and bands you need for better performance.

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