5 Best Wireless Headphones 2020 Reviews & Top Picks (Ultimate Guide)

Things To Consider When Buying Wireless Headphones 

Some of the best ​wireless headphones 2020 have become increasingly popular because of their convenience as well as improved technology in wireless technology. You may have considered going to the market to get one for yourself.

However, wireless headphones come in different types, so you need to have an understanding of the best features you need.

From understanding how each one is set up and the sound quality to finding the perfect size for you, there are certainly a bunch of things to consider.

The tips below will help you choose exactly the wireless headphone that will serve the best for you.

Understand the different types of wireless headphones

There are basically two categories of wireless headphones: those that do not use a separate transmitter and those that do.

For the transmitter category, there are headphones with radio frequency and those with infrared technology. Infrared is great when you want to connect to a TV.

However, there are limitations both in the angle and line of sights between the transmitter and the headphone.

A more powerful option is the radio frequency technology. These ones have clearer signals up to 45 meters, even where the signals need to pass through walls. But it is susceptible to interference.

For headphones that do not require a transmitter, the Bluetooth technology is the best. It covers a range of about 10 meters. Bluetooth has become the best option for many people because of the stability of connection and excellent power efficiency. As long as the other connecting device is Bluetooth enabled and within 10 meters, your connection will be quick and stable.

Pairing and controls

While wired headphones have their controls along the wire through physical buttons, the controls of wireless headphones are different.

Most of them have their controls on their earpiece. Some have touch control systems while others have protruding ones. However, some newly manufactured models can be controlled using external apps and voice controls.

Different control settings are ideal for different types of users. So, you need to consider the control style and method. For example, gym goers may find a particular style of control more convenient than other types of users.

The pairing of the headphone is obviously another thing you need to consider. These days, many headphones and external devices come with Bluetooth technology. This makes it easier to pair.

Some even have additional pairing methods like NFC functionality. Those that combine these pairing systems give you more pairing option with your Smartphone or other devices you may have.

Sound quality

Before you decide on any wireless headphone, you need to consider its sound quality. If you are buying a wireless headphone, look at the Codec quality of the device. It will tell you the level of sound quality.

The sound quality largely depends on the type of audio codec used on the Bluetooth. aptX HD makes use of compressed audio has lower latency and a higher bitrate compared to the previous aptX codec. These days, there are several best wireless headphones and devices with this type of codec. But remember that audio quality comes with a price tag. In fact, this is one of the major reasons for price differences among wireless headphones.

Also, for your Bluetooth headphone and connecting device to work in harmony, both of them must have the same audio codec. So, if your phone or audio device does not support aptXHD codex even though your headphone supports it, it may not work.

Size and comfort

Wireless headphones come in different sizes. There are some that will start giving you some levels of discomfort when you put them on for some time.

That is why size and comfort are the main focus for a lot of people. If you are going to wear the headphone for several hours a day, comfort and convenience should be a priority for you too.

Here you need to decide whether you want over-the-ear, on-ear, or in-ear wireless headphones.

Over-ear models completely enclose the ear, which provides better bass with louder volumes. The problem with this type of headphone is the portability and levels of comfort. It may become uncomfortable on the ears when they are on for some time.

On-ear does not completely enclose the ear. They rest on the ears and give you more comfort. In addition, they don’t completely cover external sounds, unlike over-the-ear headphones.

In-ear models are revolutionary both in functionality and form. These models improve the quality of sound while allowing you to enjoy better comfort.

Battery Life

You seriously need to consider the power of your headphone’s battery if you are considering buying a wireless headphone.

Most models normally provide few hours of battery life for your need when fully charged. However, there are better quality ones that can give you longer hours on full charge. That is where you need to carry out more research.

The charging time is also another factor you should consider. As the case with many other rechargeable devices, some headphones charge faster than other headphones.

If you are buying an over-the-ear headphone, you can charge the headphone via USB cable. Generally, you will get a battery life of about 20 hours for these types of headphones.

There is a battery space for these models because of their size. On-ear headphones usually have a smaller battery life of about 8 hours.

So, if battery life is a serious consideration for you, the over-the-ear models will be ideal for you.

Price Consideration

Just like other products, the price of wireless headphones is related to quality. Quality in this sense refers to the sound output, convenience, and general durability.

If you are looking for something that provides a superior sound output that can stand the test of time, you are likely going to spend more to get the right one.

The above are the important considerations you need to make when selecting the perfect wireless headphone for your need.

They are the components and features that determine a great product. Moreover, your choice will largely depend on the most important features you need in the shortlisted best wireless headphones ​2020 to compare, whether it’s convenience, sound output, or battery life.

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