5 Best Refrigerators 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

No home is complete without a refrigerator. It has become an essential appliance in all homes. Definitely, no one can think of managing a home without having one of the best refrigerators 2020 that offers reliable cooling and performance along with sufficient space to keep things cool and fresh.

Depending on the space a person has in his or her home and the basic family needs, anyone can find a suitable refrigerator for their use. Refrigerators come in a range of different sizes and a set of features that determine its performance level as well.

Not only homes, offices, shops, and canteens, as well as restaurants, also need to keep a refrigerator to keep their food items fresh and ready to serve when needed.

So why not explore some of the best options that have proven worth, performance and reliable features which you can trust either for home use or for commercial use.

Following are some of the best refrigerators ​2020 found on the market, and we have reviewed them to help you compare better:

 Top 5 Best Refrigerators 2020

#1 Kenmore Elite 79043 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite is a 24.1 cu.ft refrigerator that has a freezer at its bottom and offers easy setup and use for the user. To assist in keeping the things fresh like veggies and fruits, there is a full sized drawer for keeping your pantry items so that you have no problems keeping them fresh for a long time.

The sleek and stylish finish and three different color options make sure that it fits any home interior and can be placed easily within compact as well as large sized homes. Though it is better to measure the size of the friends and then assure the space is enough to keep it easy.

The refrigerator is designed to keep things organized inside and offer adjustable shelves so that you may adjust the space according to your kitchen needs.

For better and cooler inner the multiple sides air flow system allows the venting process to keep the cooling system to balance the cooling throughout the refrigerator.

In addition to that, the Tilt-n-store bin and the gallon storage bins make sure you keep your large bottles easily inside the refrigerator. The crisp drawers are there to keep the crisp items fresh and crisp for a longer time.

It has been given and organized interior with the adjustable trays and the wide, easy to use drawers and the bins that are specialized to keep all the things in an organized way so that you don’t have to dig into the things to find the desired object. Rather, there is a specialized space for everything and you can find it quickly.

The freezer is also organized in a way that you can keep the frozen items and the ready to eat foods fresh for a longer period of time. Icebox assures you have no problem with ice availability.

It uses 608 kilowatts per year and runs on 115 V so you don’t have to worry about its power needs as it can give the best of its performance at home.

Though there is no water filter in it so if you are looking for the one in your fridge, have a look into the second option below.

#2 Kenmore 60502 Top Freezer Refrigerator

It is a relatively small and compact style refrigerator that allows people to keep the fridge anywhere in their small-sized apartment or home as it offers a smaller sized body so you don’t have to worry about the space needed.

The refrigerator comes with the top freezer for easier use and convenience for keeping things managed and organized as per the needs of the user.

The fridge comes with 18 cu. ft. capacity that is being divided into compartments offering adjustable shelves and gallon door bins. The items can be kept organized in the shelves and the larger bottles in the bins easily. Due to the consistent cooling system, the things are kept fresh for a longer period of time.

There is also LED lighting for easier use when it is dark to view things easily. The fridge consists of slide-out glass shelves and plastic crisper drawers to keep things fresher and crisper when needed.

Despite all these benefits, the fridge does not come with an ice maker so you may not get the ice you need from this fridge.

It offers an organized, well-defined interior as well as the exterior for better-placing things and keeps things fresher for a considerable time. It is a small sized fridge beneficial for small homes and families. Though it does not offer advanced features like water dispenser, ice production feature etc.

#3 Kenmore 50042 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

As compared to the other commonly used refrigerators that are considered to be the some of the best refrigerators, this one is a bigger option so you should consider measuring the available space and compare to its size because it’s a side by side refrigerator and freezer and needs some space to use easily.

It is a well-designed, perfect looking refrigerator assuring a classy finish for your home.

You may get it delivered, unboxed and delivered where needed for easier setup. The refrigerator has a 28 cu.ft capacity that features the amazing genius cool technology assuring separate cooling system for the freezer and the refrigerator. Such s system makes sure the humidity, level of freshness and the cooling will have a balanced and controlled effect for keeping things fresh in both fridge and the freezer.

The SmartSense temperature management setup makes sure the temperature gets balanced and the cooling is kept at the optimum level so that the whole interior gets the same level of cooling in a balanced way.

This allows everything placed in the fridge to stay fresh for a longer period of time and maintain its texture and color for as long as you need them.

Ice production is enhanced and accelerated by Accela Ice feature that makes sure you can get enough ice when you need more ice for a special occasion.

The water dispensing system offers a hands-free dispensing system which is NSF certified keeping the contaminants away from it up to 99.9 percent. Most refrigerators get smelly due to the lack of proper cleaning or the various items kept inside, but this one comes with the CleanFlow filtration to keep the air filtered and fresh so that there are no smells and odors in your refrigerator.

The refrigerator is energy star rated and offers a safe, convenient and energy saving solution to your home needs.

#4 Kenmore 73025 French Door Refrigerator

This is a full-size refrigerator that comes with a French door style and offers a unique finish and a stylish look for the interior of your home.

The refrigerator has 26.1 cu. ft capacity and comes with double evaporators assuring both the compartments the fridge and the freezer cool and fresh all the time.

The temperature and the humidity are kept at an optimum level with the dual evaporators so that the fridge and the freezer functions to keep the food at the best level of temperature to keep their freshness conserved.

A wide pantry drawer lets the user keep the pantry products safe and fresh whereas the huge door bins allow better, larger and easier storage for the convenience of the user.

The freezer stays frost free and makes sure to keep food fresh without making a mess around. The ice makers give as much ice that is needed.

So, the fridge comes with better looks to match the interior of your home, offer enough space to keep things in place easily. Allow smarter storage with bins and specialized rack.

The separate cooling systems make sure the fridge and freezer work according to the needs and keep food fresh for a long time.

#5 EdgeStar CBR1501SLD Built-in Refrigerator

Now this one is more like a small and smart beverage cooler rather than a full-fledged refrigerator and freezer. It has the capacity to keep 142 cans cool and fresh when you need them in a party.

It is 5.49 cu. ft and make sure to keep the beverages fresh and cool at home, in your office or anywhere when you need a small cooling appliance within your reach.

This stainless steel beverage cooler offers relatively good capacity for keeping your beverage cans while it does not take much space. You can keep it anywhere and its sleek and compact exterior makes it a good fit in any type of interior.

It works either a freestanding or built-in appliance settings at home. The temperature range is around 39-50 degrees F.

The auto-defrost works fine for keeping the cooler clean and fresh. Whereas the carbon filter also allows fresher interior. The stainless steel body reversible easy to open the door and high-quality, easy to control digital temperature settings allow easier setup and use. The glass shelves offer easier and organized storage.

So, for a smart, small sized beverage storage, this one works fine for anyone.

Among the many that are available on the market, we have listed and reviewed 5 of the best refrigerators 2020 so that you may find the one that suits your needs. Here we have listed small refrigerators like Kenmore 60502 18 Refrigerator as well as full-sized refrigerators like Kenmore 50042 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator or you may only find the beverage cooler here as well. It depends on what you need, how much space you have and what kind of features you have been looking for, which determines the type of refrigerator you want to buy. You can surely find one that would be suitable for you and fits your needs.

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