Best Pressure Washers 2020 Reviews & Top Rated

A pressure washer surely is a necessary appliance for cleaning and washing stubborn stains and dirt from any surface area or object that needs cleaning. Today, pressure washers are used for industrial purposes for cleaning the industrial machines and components, they are also used for commercial cleaning purposes and are considered to be used for domestic cleaning at home as well.

Whether you need to clean the gunk from a slippery deck or need to clean the backyard wooden walls, your best pressure washer is most likely to help you out in any of these tasks.

For industrial cleaning and large-scale pressure washing, pressure washers are used with a combination of solutions including water and the abrasive mixture added in them to provide more cleaning power on metal surfaces and clear rusty deposits which are otherwise not possible to wash out.

Things to consider when buying your best pressure washer

To understand the important features and compare the needed functions, you need to understand what is important when you are comparing to buy a pressure washer online. It is important to know that there are certain things which are crucial while some others may be optional for the users.

Here is a list of things we have carefully compiled to help you understand and select the pressure of your choice:

The PSI value

In most cases when you start looking into the features of a pressure washer you may observe that every pressure washer comes with certain PSI value which means Pounds per square inch. The higher the value the greater will be the pressure provided by the washer. And more pressure means more capacity to clean tough and stubborn stains and dirt. The range could be any value from 500 PSI to 2000+ PSI

The GPM value

Another term that defines the functionality and capacity of a pressure washer is the gallons per minute. The higher the value the pressure washer show the more solution or water it can push out through the nozzle per minute.

Power source

Consider buying the pressure washer that is easy to use for your common washing tasks. Some come with gas-powered functions while some are electric pressure washer.

Gas powered pressure washer need fuel supply and as soon as it ends you need to refill it which is an added cost.

But electric pressure washers can work for as long as you need till the maximum point where the power cord reaches meaning that it needs to be connected to a power source and may limit the coverage area which is not an issue with the gas powered pressure washer.

The nozzles you need

There is a range of different types of nozzles which come as pressure washer attachments and you can choose any of them according to the nature of the cleaning work you have. There is a normal pressure nozzle which works well with the pressure washer if you need to add some cleaning agent in the solution for better cleaning the tough stains.

40-degree nozzle works perfectly for delicate surfaces with tough and stubborn stains and dirt. 25-degree nozzles are good for general cleaning task with mildly higher pressure of water.

15-degree cleaning nozzle is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning whereas zero-degree nozzle is extremely high-pressure nozzle and comes with lots of hazards if not handled carefully.

You may get an all-in-one nozzle that offers multiple options to choose from 0 degrees to general pressure nozzle without changing it. You just need to twist and turn and the mod is changed easily.

Handling and maneuverability

Easy handling and maneuverability using the available wheels is an added advantage because you may need to carry the washer to the place where you need and a heavy duty pressure washer is not easy to be pulled until it has a trolley option or wheels attached to it so that you can move it anywhere you need. Easy operations and functions are also an advantage for new users.

The size and weight

Though, if the pressure washer comes with a trolley or wheels attached to it, the weight and size do not matter a lot because you can move it anywhere easily. For storage purpose, you may need to look for a pressure washer that is easy to accommodate and make sure to be placed safely.


Though you can easily find one of the best pressure washers within a range of 200-500USD. But prices may vary depending upon the size, PSI, GPM values, motor power, design and capacity of cleaning. You may have to pay more for an industrial grade pressure washer whereas for domestic cleaning you can find a pressure washer at a reasonable cost below 500 USD easily.

You just need to be sure that you have to choose a pressure washer that comes with the attachment nozzles and cleaning power that is enough to let you complete the tasks easily. If you buy the one that is heavy duty and expensive but your needs are just general tasks then it would be a waste of money. Or else if you buy an average range pressure washer with an average cleaning power despite the fact you need to tackle industrial level cleaning or professional cleaning tasks, then it would also be a waste of money.

It is important to note all the specs and features in a careful way so that you can pick the right pressure washer with the required level of cleaning capacity so that you get the desired results after cleaning with the pressure washer you have.

In addition to that safety should not be ignored as well and you need to make sure that your pressure washer does not offer any hazardous actions or functions that require professional handling and may not be good to use for beginners.

For safety purpose, you always have to select the right pressure washer that is easy to operate and would not be causing any hazard. Also, you should be taking proper precautionary measures before using it.

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