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How to Choose the Right Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers come in a wide range of sizes, features, and functionalities. Some are better suited for some users than others. This is why you need to consider certain features before making that investment decision and to find the best pressure cooker 2020 for your use. The following are the important factors you need to consider before buying the ideal unit.

The materials of the cooker

You have to consider the material if you are bothered about durability. Pressure cookers generally come in two main materials: aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum units are cheaper and lighter. This makes them less durable. But if you are looking for a material that cooks better evenly, an aluminum unit is preferable.

However, if you are concerned about durability, you should settle for stainless steel materials. These are heavier but can stand the test of time. There are some alloy materials and a mix of metals which may also offer durability and better cooking performance.

Define the type of pressure cooker you are looking for

Electric or stove top pressure cooker? These are the two basic types of pressure cookers. You can use them to cook different types of food. However, their cooking time and recipes differ.

Electric pressure cookers are more convenient than the stove pot cooker. However, they are not as strong as the stove top. If you are not too sure how to set the heat levels in a cooker, an electric smoker will be the right option. Stove tops, on the other hand, are tougher.

It is ideal for power and speed as it cooks faster than the electric pressure cooker. Your choice will depend on what is more convenient for you.

Safety features in the pressure cooker

When using something like the pressure cooker, safety should be of paramount importance to you. For safety reasons, most pressure cookers have a lid at the top to seal it properly. They also have strong handles for better grip. Before you buy any unit, make sure the lid is properly tight and not leaking anywhere. There is also a precision valve regulator to ensure there is proper regulation of the steam.

Most pressure cookers that are recently manufactured have these important features. You shouldn’t settle for an older model. Some of them may not have complete safety features. Do not even change your decision because of the price. Your safety is the most important thing first. So you have to be conscious of that when selecting the right pressure cooker.

Size and capacity

Make sure to compare and find the size of the cooker and its average capacity to ensure it suits your cooking needs. The capacity of the cooker could be mentioned in terms of liters.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) 

This is the amount of pressure that comes out from the pressure cooker. Generally, your pressure cooker should have between 10 and 15 PSI. This is the normal standard. There isn’t any cooker that goes beyond 15 PSI. The 15 PSI minimum is enough for your cooking tasks.

Pressure settings

Some pressure cooker models have different pressure settings to help you select a unique pressure level for cooking. They come with the label: high, medium, and low pressure setting with the indicated PSI numbers. This information is included on the label or manual, so it would be ideal to check first before buying.

Types of valve

The regulator on the cooker is another important feature of the pressure cooker. The valve makes the cooker safe for use. All cookers don’t come with the same valve. The top quality pressure cookers have spring valves. These models pop up to let you know the pressure level. It makes use of less energy and very quiet when in use.

There are units with modified weighted valves. They alert the user through rocking movements that may be a bit loud. The spring valves are more convenient for the user. This is why they are the most common among recently manufactured pressure cookers.

Other extra features

There are other extra features you may consider when buying a pressure cooker. These include a recipe book, cooking rack, and Warranty. Cooking racks are included in most recently manufactured pressure cookers. These will come in handy when steaming vegetables or when you want to cook different types of food at the same time.

Some pressure cookers also come with recipe books to help a newbie get started with minimal assistance. This is not mandatory for brands to have them. But it goes a long way to show how they value the interest of their customers.

For pressure cookers with a recipe book, it’s an indication that the brand is ready to do everything to satisfy their customers. Just like the recipe book, the warranty is another added service. It shows that the company is confident of their product. Whatever buying decision you want to take, make sure you don’t settle for a pressure cooker without a warranty. This aspect is very important in case there is a fault somewhere.

Things to avoid:

Always make sure that the pressure cooker that you would select for your home use is not made up of non-durable materials. Non-durable materials cause great danger and you will never be safe while using such a pressure cooker having no guarantee of having a good performance.

Avoid pressure cookers having no sealing locks and make sure that your cooker has a lid that seals in safely and offers proper venting valves to make sure the internal pressure created by the steam is controlled safely.

Always avoid cooker having no safety handles. Some cookers come up with shorter handles and some have a little longer ones. Make sure you are easy with that and can safely take care of the pressure cooker during its use.

The above are the different features you have to consider before selecting the best pressure cooker 2020 for your needs. Remember that quality comes at a cost. So, if you are going for a top quality unit, it won’t be as cheap as other models. But there’s one assurance that you are going to get good value for your money. Make sure to complete your research regarding the features you need to look for so that you don’t feel disappointed later on.

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