Best Office Chairs 2020 Reviews – Top Rated & Buying Guide

​How to choose the best office chair

​An office chair is the one that has to be comfortable, ergonomic, sturdy, reliable and adjustable so that it may give you the support and comfort your body needs for daylong work hours. Due to the fact, when you are in your office, you have to keep up with the workload, stay active yet easy so that you may not feel tired after every few hours.

So, to make sure you will be able to work actively while avoiding the fatiguing pressures, you must be able to find the best office chair 2020 without compromising on its quality and your comfort as well.

Office chairs that have an ergonomic design to support the body posture and have an adjustable construction will always be a good choice to give customized support to the user.

Let’s see which features you should consider as the important ones:

The available frame materials

Some office chairs come up in a metal frame made of stainless steel whereas some offer plastic frame and combination of metal components whereas you may also find sturdy plastic chairs as well. Though sturdiness and durability may be different depending on the materials being used in the making of these chairs you can find high-quality office chairs in nearly all types of materials available on the market.

Overall design

An office chair should have porous or mesh seat fabric, airy and cool, which means it should allow air to easily pass through the back, making you more comfortable. The chair should also be shaped to conform to the body. Most well-designed chairs distribute weight evenly, this helps to eliminate heat buildup or pressure points.

Those who have constant back pains as a result of sitting on a wrong chair or sitting for long hours will surely need contouring and conforming chair. That’s exactly what they should be looking for in a top quality office chair.

The style you need

Some office chairs are high-backed, heavily padded chairs giving an executive look. These are usually padded on back, seat and armrests and allow well-balanced support to the body. Mostly these have leather or synthetic material as their cover or some may also offer mesh fabric on term for consistent air-flow.

Some offices chairs may also be found with mesh or porous back without padding on the backrest rather only seat and armrests are padded.

You can choose either you need a non-padded seat or a heavy duty padded office chair according to your office needs and bodily support requirements.

Height adjustment and customization

An office chair must be very easy to adjust as per your height needs according to your body needs. You may not be sitting in a particular position for many hours. Sometimes you may need to adjust your posture. An office chair with an adjustable height will give you the freedom of sitting in different postures. Further, if you have a shorter height or in case if you are taller than an average person, you should be able to adjust the seat height and backrest accordingly. A knob or a lever works well for office chairs to let the user adjust the height of the seat.

Better Comfort and movement

Comfort is certainly a major feature you need to consider when buying an office chair. You are going to sit on the chair for many hours, so you need to get a very comfortable one. The right chair should make you feel at ease for many hours.

Some top quality office chairs support the sacral region or the base of the spine, which keeps the spine properly aligned. They also provide balance to the pelvis as it helps to maintain natural forward tilt ensuring to lower the chances of fatigue and overall

In addition to the tilting feature, the padding on the seat, armrest and shoulder area makes it feel better.

The ideal chair comes with wheels and hardwood floor caster that provides hassle-free movement and smooth mobility. You will need a chair with forward tilt, lumber tilt, and rear tilt lock which extends its comfort, convenience, and versatility levels. Those who spend a considerable amount of time on the desk working on the computer will love the overall comfort of this type of chair.


The best office chair should have a durable design. You can use it for many years without worrying about any form of depreciation. If you are worried about its durability, you will need a chair that can stand the test of time. You may look for a sturdy frame and lasting fabric on the seat to make sure you will have a chair that will keep you easy for years to come.

Perfect for all-round weather

The best office chairs are the ones that are ideal for all seasons, during the hot and cold season. When it comes with temperature control, an office chair with mesh design is much better than foam materials.

A person should settle for office chairs with a mesh material as a mesh chair beats the heat easily especially for offices lacking in climate control. Such a material soothes the body properly and adjusts to the temperature of the body to keep the user comfortable and easy.

Best value for money

Last but not least, is the value you get for your money. When it comes to your comfort, the price should not be a major consideration, even when you are on a low budget. There are some top quality office chairs that come at a considerably good price. Some other expensive models may not even give you what you want.

Other considerations

Most of the top quality office chairs have adjustable arms, allowing you to easily adjust your sitting posture. You should be able to take any sitting posture that is more convenient for you on the chair. In addition, most of them come with wheels that make it easier for you to move around. Also, avoid materials that easily attract stains.

So, you need to find a good balance between your desired features and desired price to make sure you are satisfied with your selection.

Your consideration should be the product’s value for money. Select a product with the right features you need, with durability, comfort, and construction materials all in your mind.

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