5 Best Leaf Vacuum Reviews 2020 – Top Rated

If inevitable leaves falling to your yards everyday drive you crazy and you are seeking for the best leaf vacuum in town, then you are right when clicking this article.

We all understand that leaf vacuums come in a wide range of shape, function, capacity, brand, and especially price in the current market. Finding a leaf vacuum that fits your budget and expectation isn’t an easy task.

Recently, we’ve received numerous queries asking us to write down at article relating to leaf vacuum. As you wish, today we will list down the top 5 best leaf vacuums. Hopefully, you find it useful and informative. Check it out now!


Below are the top 5 best leaf vacuums that we have spent a lot of time and effort on research and test. Take your look to see what we have!

​#1 Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight gas-powered leaf blower, we happily introduce Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower.

Hitachi is a worldwide famous brand in the industry. It is brand name ensures its high quality.

First of all, this Hitachi Leaf Blower can blow all debris and leaves on your yards quickly. It is backed by a 7-year consumer warranty, which makes customers put their minds at peace. This product is also the most powerful in its same range.

Secondly, this vacuum only weighs 8.6 pounds which makes your cleaning easier and effortless. It is also well-balanced for less fatigue. It features a large two-finger throttle level and commercial grade 2-stroke engine for the sake of easier operation and longer lifespan.

Finally, its 441 CFM air volume delivers powerful debris movement. When it was delivered, the product box contains a handheld blower, user guide, owner’s manual, and taper nozzle. 

Everything has its pros and cons, and Hitachi Leaf Blower isn’t an exception. It isn’t added anti-vibration technology. Even, its handle isn’t carefully cushioned. Hence, you may get exhausted using it.


  • ​Lightweight and powerful
  • ​Industry-leading warranty
  • ​23.9 cc Commercial grade 2-stroke engine
  • ​170MPH air velocity
  • ​High air volume and velocity


  • ​Gas line prone to leaking

To sum up, Hitachi Leaf Blower is a high-quality gas blower that helps you keep your yard clean without taking up too much time and effort. Buy it now, and you will get an excellent unit as needs.

​#2 Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac is a 3-in-1 machine, including powerful blower, leaf shredder, and high-speed vacuum. Besides, it also comes with a bottom-zip bag, concentrator nozzle, vacuum tube, and power insert.

What we like most about this product is variable speed. It has several speed options for the sakes of better control in vac modes and blower.

Like Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower, it is small, compact, and light. But, these are not all that this unit had. Its performance is outstanding, especially when working in flat spaces.

This upgraded version is equipped with a larger metal impeller and improves mulching. To easily turn blower into a vacuum, Toro adds an extra quick-release latch. When purchased, it comes with a big bag to contain all components to store easily. 

Plus, this blower can blow the stubborn dust on your car, even when it hides in hard-to-reach areas. Mainly, you can choose the fast air function to dry your car after washing.


  • ​Variable speed
  • ​Noise levels are great, especially when you set the blower on low
  • ​Powerful enough to blow all heavy objects
  • ​Easy storage
  • ​3-in-1 machine


  • ​The power switch is a bit touchy

All things considered, if you are looking for a high-speed leaf blower without making noise when operating, Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac is a suitable option.

​#3 Dewalt 20V Max 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

In case you have a small or medium-sized yard and are searching for a suitable blower, we highly recommend Dewalt 20V Max 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower.

This machine is extremely easy to use. Charge the battery, connect the blower tube; then, it is ready to use. It comes with a brushless motor to increase the machine’s durability.

Dewalt equips a built-in cruise control to control the speed. Its 400CFM power makes it perfect for yards with the from-small-to-medium size. Additionally, it features an innovative axial fan design to lengthen the run time and maximize air output.

Notably, the Dewalt blower is incredibly lightweight, so it doesn’t cause stress on your arm. However, it costs more than other products in the same range.

When using this blower, there are several power options available. Its speed can reach up to 129 mph.


  • ​Suitable for medium-sized yards
  • ​Easy operation
  • ​Speed control
  • ​Large blow tube
  • ​Lightweight design
  • ​Durable and effective
  • ​Innovative axial fan design


  • ​Limit full-throttle speed

In short, it is not designed for heavy-duty jobs, and it is only appropriate for homeowners. This product will help you clean your yard without making too much noise.

​#4 WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

If all you need is an affordable leaf blower with high capacity air volume, please check out the WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower. This flagship is innovated by WORX – a famous manufacturer consistently producing cheap products at acceptable quality. 

WORX WG620 possesses Turbine jet engine technology to offer outstanding blowing force. Its force can be up to as twice as standard gas blowers. Most importantly, it doesn’t come with any harmful emissions.

Even though its airspeed can be up to 111mph with 600 CFM, it is lightweight enough for one-handed operation. It is the most compact blower among recommended products on this list.

Plus, it features hyper-stream air Nozzle to deal with challenging conditions and a built-in dust blower to increase visibility. Like other good-quality products, this WORX also allows users to control the speed with 3-speed options.


  • ​Patented Jet Engine technology
  • ​Lightweight, compact, perfectly designed
  • ​Variable speed control
  • ​Hyper-stream air nozzle
  • ​Affordable
  • ​The battery doesn’t last for long


  • ​The battery doesn’t last for long

WORX leaf blower is more effective and user-friendly than other gas leaf blowers. Why not switch to WORX leaf blower for a better leaf blowing experience.

​#5 Sun Joe 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe was founded in 2004. This manufacturer specializes in producing eco-friendly outdoor tools and electrical products. Among Sun Joe’s leaf blowers, Sun Joe Electric Leaf Blower is an outstanding product.

This machine features power delivery at 6 Amp and maximum speed at 155 MPH. Thus, it is suitable for light-duty jobs such as weeping garages, walkways, or porches. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily take it anywhere.

It only weighs 4 lbs, which make it effortless to carry. Unlike other products, Sun Joe equips 2-speed settings for this machine. Its noise rating is 67dB that is acceptable for an electric blower.

In comparison to other corded blowers, this model has the cheapest price.

Lastly, Sun Joe delivers a 2-year warranty for this product.


  • ​Budget-friendly
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Acceptable noise
  • ​Decent MPH


  • ​No cord lock mechanism

After all, Sun Joe features average airspeed and power delivery, which makes it ideal for small-sized yards and light-duty jobs.

In Conclusion

In short, choosing a leaf vacuum isn’t a hard task if we know our demands and determine a clear requirement for our wanted leaf vacuum. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can choose the best leaf vacuum.

Among 5 recommended products, Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac is our all-time favorite blower as it is functional and powerful.

Thank you for reading the entire article. Have a decent day!

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