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top 10 Best humidifiers 2020 ​

​Humidifiers are for those who are looking to maintain a perfect humidity level within homes under extreme weather conditions when the usual humidity falls below average. In the case of the severe circumstances, the humidity in the air may fall below the average needed humidity in the air and that causes health issues and skin issues greatly.

Humidifiers are the best solution for those who need to stay safe from lower humidity levels in the air or health issues caused by the dry air around the home.

Dry and cold air may cause breathing issues because of the dehydration of the breathing tract, and it may also cause damage in the skin due to dehydration in the skin cell.

Dry and hot air also affect the overall health and leaves the throat and breathing tract dry and congested causing issues within the body and on the skin as well.

This damages the body cells and in order to avoid such conditions, people may need to use a humidifier at the home. For choosing the best humidifiers 2020 for home, office or for children’s room you must know the following important things so that the results are the way you need.

Things to consider when buying the best humidifier

The type of humidifier you need:

There two main types of humidifiers that you can find on the market

  • The warm mist humidifier
  • The cold mist humidifier

The warm mist humidifiers create a mist that is warmer and may help in preventing dehydration due to colder and drier climatic conditions and prevent breathing problem and soothe the skin and breathing tract itching and dryness.

The cold mist humidifiers 3are the ones that emit cold mist particles to keep the area humidified and control temperature as well so that it may not become hot and humid in hotter climatic conditions.

Cold mist humidifier can be categorized into three further categories based on the operation using which the mist is produced.

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Impeller humidifying machine
  • Evaporator humidifier

You may select the cold or hot humidifiers on the basis of overall climatic conditions and temperature where you will be keeping the humidifier.

Always make sure you choose based on the area that needs to be humidified

There are some small sized humidifiers which are only suitable for small rooms but when it comes to humidification process of larger rooms and lounges you may need to look for the medium-sized and large-sized or heavy-duty humidifiers which are capable of keeping the environment humidified overall.

Humidifiers may come up with certain specs to help you understand if these are suitable for a particular place or not. The room size or the area may be assessed with the help of square feet to determine if the humidifier will be suitable for that place as per its capacity.

The presence of humidistat and auto-shutoff

In order to avoid problems like over humidification and lack of control over the humidifier when it is out of water in its container, it is always better to look for the ones that come up with auto-shut off function as it enables the humidifier to function only when it has water in it and avoid functioning when it is out of water.

In addition to that having a humidistat assure the humidifier will shut off the humidifying process in case if the humidification reaches the required level of humidity in the air.

Make sure you look for the humidistat if you need to manage the humidity within a certain area so that the humidifier will serve the purpose in the right way.

Lower noise levels

When it comes to using a heavy duty humidifier or even a medium to small sized humidifier with a fan inside, there could be an annoying sound in case if the quality of the machinery inside is not good. Look for the humidifiers which have least or no noise coming out of them when they are in their active functional condition.

Ease of filling and maintenance of the humidifier

The easy way to fill in the best humidifier 2020 and easy cleaning and maintenance always make sure that you will be able to manage the humidifier at home. It is also obvious that if you are using a small humidifier that is placed on a table and is portable, it takes lesser time to clean it or manage it while filling in water as compared to when you have a heavy duty humidifier for your home. Heavy duty humidifiers need regular maintenance and cleaning to make sure they will perform well in the long run.

Easy operations and control

Easy to operate humidifiers which have preset timing and humidification options to let you control the process easily is always go-to gadgets for the users. Complicated settings are never appreciated as they may pose issues for common users at home.

Warranty and reliability

High-quality brands that offer reliable and well-made humidifiers for small to large room needs make sure to offer manufacturer warranty so that the users may find it easy to use the humidifier with peace of mind as if they have some issues the brand backs the repair and replacement as well. You may get around 1-2 years of warranty along with heavy-duty humidifiers.

In addition to all these things, you may also know if the humidifier runs on tap water that you have available in your home or will be in need of distilled water in order to avoid blockage of the vessels in the humidifier.

You may confirm if you will be able to use the tap water or you need to make use of the treated water solution to get the best results.

Furthermore, the power needs and the source that is needed to keep the humidifier running is also important so that you know if you can connect and run the humidifier with the available power source and that will assure safe and easy setup of the humidifier as well.

The important things you must not forget to look about include the size, the type and the operational features which you may compare before buying the ones that suit your needs the most.

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