Best Hair Dryers 2020 Reviews & Top Rated

Best Hair Dryer Features You Need To Know About 

Investing in the right type of hair dryer will definitely enhance the health of your tresses. With a top quality hairdryer at your disposal, there is less chance of having a brittle fried hair. That is why you need to give some thought when purchasing the best hair dryers.2019

The main thing is to know what you want and the features that best meet your hair needs. There are common features most top quality hair dryers are known for. Features such as wattage, quality of materials, and attachments are certainly important for a top performing dryer. Here are the most important features you need to consider when selecting the best hair dryers 2020 for your needs.

Fan & Heat Settings

Most professional hair dryers have different heat and fan settings. They come with two different control switches for these elements. This makes it possible to have high fan speed with low heat settings or the other way around. But the compact models don’t have separate settings. There is the only high and low setting for controlling both the heat and fan. This is where standard hair dryers are better than compact models. It gives you lots of options, which will be needed if the dryer is to be used on different hair types.

Ceramic and Tourmaline materials

Ceramic dryers are made to spread heat as gently and evenly as possible. If your main goal is to smooth the hair, select a dryer with ceramic and tourmaline design. The tourmaline feature helps to evenly smooth the hair by retaining moisture while sealing the cuticle. In essence, it fights off frizz and retains the required moisture on your hair.


The wattage of a dryer does not necessarily tell you the quality and efficiency of the dryer. No, it doesn’t. While it is common for people to link high wattage to performance, this assumption is not necessarily true. The only benefit of a dryer with high wattage is the degree of hotness and strength. Even if you have thin hair, you don’t necessarily require a high wattage dryer.

Actually, a hair dryer that is too powerful and hot may even cause more harm than good. It can damage the hair, depending on the type of hair you have. Do not select a dryer because of its high wattage. Instead, the main consideration should be the type, length, and thickness of your hair. Most professional hair dryers have a minimum of 1875 wattage. This is considered okay for most types of hairs.

Ionic Features

Most recently manufactured hair dryers come with this feature. It helps to minimize frizz and drying time. Some top quality models even enable you to have full control of the level of ions you desire. This will be ideal if the dryer is going to be used by more than one person.

However, not everyone will benefit from this feature in a dryer. Those with oily hair will be okay with a non-ionic hair dryer. Ionic hair dryer may also be a problem for individuals with flat hair types. In essence, the type of hair you have will determine whether you need this feature in a hair dryer.

Ideal weight

The ideal weight for you may be different from what is ideal for another individual. If you have long hair, you should consider a dryer with good weight. But the weight shouldn’t be too much, as it can strain your hands after holding it for some time.

The size of the hair dryer

Hair dryers come in different sizes. Usually, bigger models have more power than the compact models. If you intend traveling with the dryer, you should consider the compact models. They are easy to pack for traveling. The downside of these models is the fact that they don’t hold out enough air. A compact model will be ideal if you only need the dryer for basic use. If you want better control when styling your hair, a bigger hair dryer will be great for you.

Cool Shot

This feature will be vital if you are using the hair dryer to style your hair. There is usually a cool shot switch on the handle of most professional hair dryers. Some models come with a switch where you only need to switch on the button and continue what you are doing. Others come with a push button that requires you to push and hold the button for a cool blast. It’s obvious that the former is more convenient than the other model.

Length of the cord

The cord length of the dryer will be an important consideration if you are far away from the power outlet. It is also vital when the outlet is close to the floor and you need to lift the dryer over your head. You will have some difficulties lifting the dryer over your head if you are dealing with a short cord.

Generally, the ideal length of a hair dryer is between 6 and 8 feet. This length should be long enough for your needs, except in cases where the dryer is very far from your working point. Some hair dryers even come with retractable cords. They keep things tidy for individuals who are very conscious about neatness.


Top quality hair dryers normally have this feature to help you smooth your hair properly. It helps you focus the air flow to blow directly on the section you need to smooth. To minimize flyaways, you should always position the dryer downwards when drying your hair. If you sometimes leave your hair curly, a diffuser will work well with the hairdryer. This is to make sure the airflow spreads out evenly on the hair.


The bells and whistles surrounding hair dryers can lead someone astray when selecting the right hair dryer for their needs. Remember that there are different types of hairs. These products are manufactured to meet various hair drying needs. You should understand your hair type and know the features that work best for you. Obviously, some features are more essential than others. The best thing is to prioritize your presence and needs. When you are sure of the features you need, it becomes easier to select the best hair dryer that is perfect for you.

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