Best Dog Food 2020 Reviews & Top Rated (In-Depth Guide)

Best Dog Food Buying Guide

There are different types of dog foods in the market right now. Obviously, you would want to choose the best dog food 2020 which provides the necessary nutrients for your canine friend. Like humans, dogs need the right balance of minerals, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and fat. So, your choice should be based on this and other factors as well.

If you are looking for the right type of dog food for your pet, the following information can help you make the right choice.

Know some terms used in describing dog food contents

If you are new to the world of dog foods, certain terms can help you easily find out what you want. For instance, terms such as “fixed formula” are used to describe dog foods with certain ingredients like maize, chicken, and salmon. This will help you easily select the right type of dog food.

Some others are described as “open formula”, letting you know that there is no specific list of ingredients for the dog food. The list is a generic one, such as cereals, with no information about the type of cereal.

“Mixer”, on the other hand, implies that the food is filler. It doesn’t contain all the important nutrients your dog needs. They are usually cheaper because of their low concentration of nutrients. You should look for the “complete” package, which has all the vital nutrients for your dog.

Dry or wet dog food

When is wet dog food more suitable than dry dog food? Your choice will depend on your convenience and what is more suitable for the dog. Each has its own benefits and shortfall. For instance, Wet dog foods are usually more palatable for most dogs. The smell and taste are more appealing to them. If you have a dog that doesn’t eat much, wet foods are likely going to draw out more appetite and food cravings. However, they are a lot messier and not durable for storage.

On the other side, dry foods can be bought in large quantity and stored for a longer period. They are not as messy as wet foods and can contain more nutrients. Unlike wet foods, dry dog foods have a small percentage of moisture, which means that most of its contents are nutrients to the dog. As mentioned earlier, your choice will depend on the convenience of your own part and what is really best for your pet.

Combination of diet

Rather than sticking with only wet food or dry food, you can decide to offer your dog combination diets. Sometimes you provide wet foods, and at other times you provide dry food for them. Some pet owners even include home-cooked human meal into their diet. However, it’s important to get the right balance when buying combination diets for your dog. When you maintain the right balance, you won’t over-feed them with certain types of foods.

Age appropriate diets

Just like humans, there are certain types of foods that are much better for a certain age of dogs. They undergo different developmental stages as they grow. This means that their food and diet needs will likely change as they grow.

You can’t feed older dogs with the same type of food for young puppies. If you have an older dog, you should look for dog foods that will help to improve the strength of their bones and joints. On the other hand, a young puppy will need more protein-rich foods than older dogs. So, whenever you are buying dog food, make sure the food is tailored to the healthy and nutritious needs of your dog.

Generally, dog foods list their ingredients by nutrient weight. Those ingredients are usually listed by weight from the largest to the smallest. With this information on the label, you can easily choose the dog food with the required nutrient in the right proportion. For instance, if you are looking for protein-rich dog food, the ideal one should have protein listed at the top of the ingredients.

Choosing the right dog flavor

Dog foods have different types of flavors. When choosing the right flavor for your dog, you need to consider 3 different things: the benefits of the flavor, how easy the dog digests it, and whether your dog actually likes it.

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. There’s no point buying dog food with a certain type of flavor your dog doesn’t like. They will eat less of the food. Select a dog food with appealing flavor that easily digests in their stomach. For instance, if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, chicken flavored dog food will be great for them. If you are looking for benefits, oily fish is a good one as it helps to build the dog’s coat. Duck is also a perfect source for Omega 3. Overall, your choice will depend on what your dog likes and which benefit is the best for the dog.

Do not settle for budget food

Price is always a determining factor for many dog owners when it comes to buying dog food. But premium dog food brands will always assure you better quality ingredients rich in different nutrients. The less expensive foods do not have enough protein to match other nutrients in the food. That’s the problem.

Usually, premium quality dog foods contain about 40 to 60% protein. When it comes to cheaper foods, their percentage is a far cry from premium brands, usually between 10 and 20%. Most of the food contents for cheaper foods are fillers. If you want to give your dog the best treatment, only settle for premium quality dog food brands.

On a final note, when you are trying to change a diet for your pet, you need to observe them carefully. Some dogs need less protein while others need more. Their nutrients requirement will depend on their activity level. Select the best dog food 2020 based on their dietary needs and digestive system. Also, not all dogs will like the same food. Some find some foods with different nutrient combinations more enjoyable than others.

Find out if there are changes in their skin, coat, or whether there is a change in their stool. Noticing these changes will help you easily find a better nutrient combination that is right for their body.

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